Call the sheriff's office before starting controlled burns in the county

Barbara Anne Greene

As the warm weather and spring approaches, the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office is already receiving calls regarding controlled burns.

Fire Warden Brent Godfrey reminds county residents to call the sheriff’s office at 307-568-2324 before starting any burn.

Wyoming wind can play havoc on even the best-planned burns, which is why Godfrey urges people to check with the Riverton office of the National Weather Service before beginning to burn.

He also reminds people that a little bit of prevention planning can help avoid runaway burns, such as having a water source nearby. Even a few buckets of water or a sprayer filled with water can slow down or stop a burn that takes off.

Also important is having the right gear including gloves, boots, rakes and shovels. When possible make a fire break around the area you burn. Even six inches of cleared dirt can make a difference. Roads, ditches and canals can make for firebreaks too.

Should you burn a fence post on public right of way, a power line pole and/or transformer, you could be held financially responsible to replace or repair it.