Surgical suite has bones

Tammy Keele

After several months of planning and discussions about the surgical suite project, hospital board members Connie Werbelow and Paul Thur had a chance to see first-hand how things are coming along in the 3,600 square-foot facility.

Plant Operations Manager Mark Schlattmann escorted Werbelow and Thur on an afternoon tour of the area designated to become the Three Rivers Health surgery suite on May 4. During his tour Schlattmann pointed out the existing 2,400 square foot area that once housed a supply storage room and Schlattmann’s office now has the bones in place for three recovery bays, a reception area, office, restroom, staff lockers and storage. Although the drywall and finishing work have yet to be completed, the framework has the space taking shape.

In the new 1,200 square foot addition, Schlattmann went over the details of the surgery suite and possible layout of equipment. “The space looks large but once the equipment starts coming in it will fill up in a hurry,” he said. To ensure the surgical suite does not become overcrowded with supplies, forethought was applied to an additional clean utility storage room.

Also residing in the new addition is the sterilization area. A critical component to the surgical suite this area has been afforded a generous amount of space. Broken down into two separate rooms, dirty and clean. Schlattmann went into detail about the anticipated flow of the sterilization process, protocols and how the intricate design will help ensure patient safety.

Werbelow and Thur had the opportunity to ask questions to both Schlattmann and CEO Tadd Greenfield after he joined the group. When asked the anticipated timeframe patients may begin utilizing the surgical suite Schlattmmann responded he is expecting to have patients on the schedule as early as July.

In reference to the new surgical suite Greenfield provided the following statement. “Our goal at Three Rivers Health is to ensure that high quality care is available close to home. Our team is committed to providing the best people, the best care and the safest environment anywhere. We understand the importance of our hospital to the community and are dedicated to continuing to expand the services that we provide to ensure a healthier you.”