DeWitt completes half-marathon with personal best time, 2:45

Marlys Good

I was a cold winter day when Marci DeWitt completed a “virtual” half marathon – right here in Greybull. The GHS grad ran her 13.1-mile race on the River Road Walkway – in the snow.

Two hours and 45 minutes later she chalked another race completed, a personal best time, and almost an hour better than she did in her first race: 3:32.

How did she feel when she completed the route? 

“Completely exhausted,” she admitted. 

The route over the walkway was much different than what she originally signed up for. Marci had committed to race in the Hapalua Half in Hawaii on April 6. Due to COVID-19 that race was cancelled.  The Team in Training fundraising goals were transferred to another race and Marci chose to compete in the Disney World half-marathon on Jan. 9, 2021. Unfortunately COVID stuck around and that race was cancelled also. 

So Marci went “virtual.”

Marci went from thinking about balmy Hawaii, to warm, sunny Florida, to a half-marathon in cold Wyoming. “It was definitely a different atmosphere,” she said.

It also went from competing with a crowd of fellow racers, a crowd of people cheering racers on and a celebratory finish line to running a walkway right here at home.

Members (participants) have “virtual coaches” who set up their schedules for them – strengthening endurance, cardio, etc. Members are on their own as to whether they follow the guidelines or not, but Marci does (most of the time). “It has become a habit,” she admits.

 What at first seemed “overwhelming” has become a way of life for Marci.

She also shared that she runs in honor of her brother, Nick DeWitt, who is a leukemia survivor (PE teacher and wrestling coach in Lovell) as well as other survivors and in remembrance of those who lost the battle with cancer. 

While Marci continues training she does not compete in an event every year. Mostly, because of the fundraising necessitated — Hawaii, $2,400, Disney World $1,500, etc. 

After her graduation from GHS, Marci attended college in Nebraska and her career following that has always included something in healthcare. “I have always loved health care; I love helping people.”

In June of 2020, she decided it was time to move back home to be near her family. “I grew up here and always loved it; I love a small town,” she said.

 She is currently living with her parents, Brad and Kathy DeWitt, and commutes to Cody for her job as a phlebotomist at Cody Regional Health. Why a phlebatomist? “I have always been fascinated with drawing blood,” she laughed.

Marci has a 17-year-old son who lives with his father in Sheridan. A son who is always encouraging, cheering her on.

So life is good. She has adopted a healthy lifestyle, she is living in a small town where she grew up and received her education, and she has a job that she loves.

She plans on eventually moving closer to (but not TO) Cody to cut down on travel time, but right now, she is where she is supposed to be.

“God is good,” she said. “This is where He wants me to be.”