'Happy meals' make day of BBMNH residents

Marlys Good

It didn’t come in a McDonald’s bag – and it didn’t come with a special toy, but the Happy Meal served to the residents at Bonnie Bluejacket Memorial Nursing Home Friday offered the residents something a little different, broke the routine, and brightened their lives. 

Vicki Wright explained that every year Cloud Peak Drags gives a donation to the “Bonnie Blues” to be used where needed, to brighten their lives.

Mike and Cheryle Howe, driving forces behind Cloud Peak Drags, are usually present for the annual “hamburger fry.” In fact, Wright said, “Mike orders everything, mans the barbecue and ‘flips the burgers’ himself.”

With COVID-19 restrictions, that was not an option this year. Wright said they called the A&W and ordered every resident’s special “Happy Meal” choice. And the A&W delivered them on right on time.

What did each order? Hamburgers, onion rings, cole slaw –and root beer. Did the residents enjoy the break in lunch routine?

 Wright laughed, “They loved it; there wasn’t a pickle or onion ring left, and they went through three gallons of root beer.” She doesn’t think they missed the traditional Happy Meal toy not being included.

The residents got a special treat though — freshly-baked cookies.

Wright said it is difficult to create ways to “perk up” the lives of residents. With no visitors, no volunteers, no entertainment, no church services, every day is exactly the same. 

Wright said it is heartbreaking for residents, nurses and aides as well as for the families who have been unable to visit their loved ones since March 2020.

But for one day, those “inside” the walls were touched by those “outside” the walls.