Kaufman appointed Interim Administrator at Wyoming Retirement Center

Barbara Anne Greene
Trent Kaufman was appointed earlier this month to be the interim administrator at the Wyoming Retirement Center (WRC). 
Kaufman was born and raised in Douglas.  After high school he went to Casper College and received a degree in law enforcement.  “During my education at Casper College, I earned my EMT and worked on the ambulance service nights and weekends to pay for school. I then went on to the University of Wyoming where I completed my bachelor's degree.
“I returned to Douglas and worked as the business manager for the local mental health center.  I then returned to Laramie and completed my MBA. After graduate school I worked in Douglas as the plant manager for a nutritional company and then as the CFO of the hospital in Douglas.”
His next transition was as the director of health and financial information at Wyoming Medical Center.   He explained, “I had worked with the physicians of Gem City Bone and Joint while in Douglas and I moved back to Laramie where I was the CEO of Gem CIty Bone & Joint/Premier Bone & Joint Center for 16 years.  
“During high school both my parents became disabled with my dad passing away a few years afterwards and my mom being admitted to a long-term care facility at the age of 59.  Throughout college and my employment, I visited Mom daily and saw how nursing homes operated and became a strong advocate for her care.  She moved to Laramie while I was at Gem CIty Bone & Joint.  After my career at Gem CIty Bone and Joint we ultimately ended up back in Douglas.  Mom passed away in 2016 after spending 26 years in long-term care.  After her passing, I began my education toward obtaining a license as a nursing home administrator.  Upon completion I worked as the nursing home administrator in Torrington for a few years and then retired.”
When asked what attracted him to the WRC, he said, “I became aware of the Wyoming Retirement Center while I was a nursing home administrator.  I felt that I could help the facility and decided to come out of retirement to serve the State of Wyoming and the special residents of the Wyoming Retirement Center.  For 26 years the State of Wyoming supported my mom while she was in long-term care, which allowed me to have a career and I needed to give something back.”   
Kaufman addressed the goals he has for the facility, calling the WRC “a great place” and saying, “We are entrusted with caring for some very special people. My goals are to involve the surrounding communities in the activities of the Wyoming Retirement Center and always look at ways we can improve the care and life for the residents...our extended family.”  
 As far as Covid-19 the majority of residents have been vaccinated and they continue a vigilant campaign of testing and infection control measures to prevent COVID-19 among the residents and employees.
Kaufman added, “I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome and I look forward to meeting more people as the days go by.”