Local author to hold book signing at grand reopening

Shayne Mazur

Local author Scott C. Werbelow will promote his latest book and sign copies in an appearance at the grand reopening of the Greybull Public Library and Greybull Museum Thursday, May 18 from 5-8 p.m.

Werbelow, who resides in Meeteetse and serves as the game warden coordinator of the Cody region, released his second memoir “Son of a Poacher II: Blast From My Past” in August 2022. The book is a sequel to his first book “Son of a Poacher: Wyoming Warden in the Making,” which came out March 2021.

“The second book goes on to tell my journey as a Wyoming game warden and all the crazy twists and turns of my career,” Werbelow said in a Tuesday interview. “I actually kept a journal with my work since 1996, and I wrote down every day what I did for 30 years of being a game warden.”

Werbelow never imagined writing a book, but he said his unique upbringing felt like an experience he needed to share.

“My dad was a poacher and an alcoholic, and that’s what inspired me to be a game warden. There’s probably lots of sons of a poacher out there, but not many sons of a poacher who became a Wyoming game warden. I thought I had a story to tell.”

Contrary to the adage that an author’s second book is the hardest to write, Werbelow’s second foray went smoother due to his preference for the subject matter and his newfound experience in the publishing industry.

“The first book, I told about my early childhood and everything I went through…to becoming a Wyoming game warden, so there were a lot of stories I didn’t really want to tell, but I wanted people to know how I grew up.

“There was a lot of learning curve to the first book. The second book came much easier. I think the third one will be even better.”

Soft and hardback copies of Werbelow’s books will be available at his signing Thursday.

“If folks have already bought a book, they’re welcome to bring it by and I’ll sign it for them,” he added.