Margaritaville in Shell

Lisa Kunkel

The generosity of rural Wyomingites was evident this past weekend at Shell Community Hall’s annual fundraising event: Margaritaville. 

“Thank you to so many individuals and businesses that choose to be a part of such an important event that contributes to the success of the Shell Community Hall. Without community support, there would be no Shell Community Hall,” said hall board member Jody Lafko-Gilbert.

Holding its first public event since their annual meeting in January, the Shell Community Hall received a warm welcome from people eager for fellowship — after a seven-month hiatus. 

Due largely to COVID-19 and the resulting regulations, all planned events had been canceled this year, including the St. Patrick’s Day dinner and the popular Easter Sunday breakfast and egg hunt. 

Saturday’s event was well attended, tables were spaced-out and a large group stayed outside enjoying the music from outdoor speakers.  

The Shell Hall’s board and volunteers served tacos and burritos while Los Gabanes, partnered with the Silver Spur, served the refreshments. Proof to the attendance, all the food was served by night’s end. 

Generous donations were made over the phone, gathered together with 50-50 ticket sales, and the silent auction together all raised funds for the hall’s maintenance budget. The focus is on the leach-field and septic system, an issue the board has been focused on. 

The culinary talents of the Shell Women’s Coffee group were showcased with a table of overflowing desserts. The crowd was treated to Shell Valley beef donated by John Ed and Gina Anderson, Mike Goton, and Stan and Mary Flitner. 

“Thank you to all who attended and volunteered their time,” said J.D. Kunkel, Shell Hall Board president. “It was good to see the community and hear children laughing and people talking.”

A light rain did not damper the night as treasures won in the silent auction were taken home by delighted Shell Hall supporters after an evening of overdue conversation.