Savoring the suds at the Greybull Brewfest

Lisa Kunkel

The city park was the perfect summer setting for Saturday’s Greybull Beerfest. Gathered at the skatepark end of the greenspace, colorful tents dotted the perimeter with two food trucks providing treats for attendees. “The location of having it in the park was new and a huge hit,” said economic development director Deanna Werner, who organized the event.

A local band provided background music, families spread out in groups all throughout the park. Children running and playing, cornhole, a mobile fashion truck, and even the card game Euchre were among the sites at this year’s annual event. “Many who were not beer drinkers came to enjoy the good food and music,” said Werner. 

“We were overwhelmingly successful in serving over 150 people at the event; people came in from Billings, Casper and Gillette along with some of the racers from the drag races,” said Werner. 

A variety of 21 beers and waters were available for sampling. Those who paid the $25 ticket price were given a small glass to refill as many times as they wished. 

One beer that had the crowd talking, and going back for more, was the Jalapeno Ale from WYoldWest Brewing Company, out of Powell and Cody. A golden ale infused with fresh jalapenos, munich malt and Aztec hops at 5.7%. “We put in five pounds of jalapenos to yield 10 barrels of beer,” said Steve Samuelson, of Powell and WYoldWest Brewing.  

“It was really good (the jalapeno beer),” said Kasie Stewart, of Greybull, “better than what I thought it would be.”

Teton Beverages, of Worland, was on hand supplying seven beers, hard seltzer, and four flavors of hard lemonade served from six of their staff volunteers and spouses. “We do these events throughout the region and this event was a fun event for the local employees to introduce products that we sell to the community in which we live,” said vice president of human resources at Admiral Beverage, A.J. Jenness, of Shell. “Seeing our team interact with the crowd was the highlight of the event for me.”

“The crowd was receptive and enjoyed the offerings presented to them. It was fun to watch the crowd try all the different beers and see which ones they liked or enjoyed more than others,” Jenness added. 

Despite the temperature hovering near 100 degrees, and lack of a breeze, most people stayed for the entirety of the three-hour event. 

Werner noted the generosity of the local businesses who gave cash, gift certificates, and prizes totaling $1,200 given out throughout the late afternoon event. “This is my whole point is to keep the business doors open, shopping, promoting local and to grow Greybull,” said Werner. 

Another noteworthy addition this year was “the availability of the Tipsy Taxi by Vicky Rosser, very important to have at events with adult beverages,” said Werner. 

“The funniest prize went to Larry Mayland, he won a free haircut and pedicure from Essence of Beauty. Grand prizes of $100 cash, from Auto Medx, went to Lonny Howe and $200 cash, from Hunt Construction, went to Steve Thornberry,” said Werner. 

“This is a learning experience for me since I have never attended a brewfest nor do I drink beer. Next year will be bigger and even better. Everyone was having a great time and very appreciative,” said Werner. “The success was from the people and businesses who helped and contributed, I was just the ringleader.”