Special district candidates can begin filing on Aug. 10

Nathan Oster

Local residents who would like to run for a seat on a special district board can begin filing for expiring seats on Wednesday, Aug. 10.

The filing period closes Monday, Aug. 29.

The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 8.


School Board

Four seats on the Big Horn County School District No. 3 board of trustees will be up for grabs this year, including those now held by Ted Menke, Lynette Murray and Bill Robertson.

Menke and Murray are reaching the end of the four-year terms they were elected to serve in 2018.  Robertson is a recent board appointee, chosen to fill the unexpired term of Mike Wirtzberger.

The terms of Pam Flitner, Bette Rae Jones and Todd Dalin expire in 2024.


Hospital Board

For South Big Horn County Hospital District, three of the five seats are expiring this year.

Those whose terms are ending include Connie Werbelow and Mary Watts, both of whom were elected in 2018, as well as Jeff Petty, who was tapped to replace Michael McColloch who resigned.

Ken Nelson and Paul Thur each have two years remaining on their terms.


Rural Health Board  

A five-person board leads Big Horn County Rural Health District 1, which oversees ambulance services in south Big Horn County.  

The terms of Russ Fowler, Laura Huber and Chairman Ken Nelson are expiring this year.  

Anna Preciado and Deb Rathbun each have two years remaining.


Senior Center Board

Two of the five seats on the South Big Horn County Senior Citizens Service District board are up this year.  They are currently held by Tom Goton and Barbara Anne Greene.

Holdovers whose terms run through 2024 include Walt Rivers, Diane Nuttall and Kristi Bonnell-Phillips


Conservation Districts

For South Big Horn Conservation District, the four-year terms of George Kelso, Jan Johnson and Howard Wildman are up this year.  Johnson holds the lone urban seat on the board, Kelso holds one of three rural seats and Wildman holds an at-large seat.

The terms of the other two rural board members, Linda Hamilton and Walter Hibbert, expire in 2024. 


Cemetery Districts

A six-person board oversees the South Central Special Cemetery District, which is responsible for the Donald J. Ruhl Memorial Cemetery.   Bob Hawkins, Scott McColloch, Michelle Burns, Kaitlyn Johnson and Chuck Spragg hold five of the seats; the sixth is currently vacant. McColloch and Johnson will see their terms end this year and Hawkins, Spragg and Burns in 2024.

Three terms are up this year on the Emblem Cemetery District's board of directors. They are currently held by George Kelso, Chris Edwards and Janet Kummerfeldt.  The terms of Julie Werbelow, Sue Coguill and Karen Preis run through 2024; Coguil, however, has announced plans to resign and a search for someone to replace her has already begun.