90 Years Ago: Construction of Greybull to Shell highway begins

100 years ago
Nov. 9, 1923

The Burlington now has more train crews operating out of Greybull than at any time since the division point was established. The business is as heavy as can be handled until the roadbed in the washed-out section can be put in the shape for faster time which will be done as rapidly as possible.
The Linn-Dale Dairy received a request from Casper this week for the shipment of 100 gallons of milk a day. The Standard has believed for some time it would be possible to find a market for 500 to 1,000  gallons of milk a day from Greybull and it still believes it. It ought to be possible to bring milk in here up to a distance of 20 miles and ship it at a profit. All that is necessary is getting enough people interested in furnishing milk.
90 years ago
Nov. 16, 1933

Members of the Greybull businessmen’s baseball team will be guests this evening of the Basin baseball club. A banquet is to be held at the Basin Legion  Hall starting at 7:30.  The banquet is  given as the outcome of a wager made during the season. It was agreed the losers were to treat the winners so tonight the boys are going to Basin.
Construction on the Greybull-Shell highway, which started this week, has already provided employment for about 75 men. Two camps have already been established. There are two shifts of men working this week. They are being paid 55 cents per hour.
80 years ago
Nov. 11, 1943

A group of hard working and enthusiastic young musicians of Greybull have organized an 11-piece orchestra. Members of the orchestra are Irmadean Lampman, Bobby Dobbins, John Rowland, Jimmie Burnside, DeWayne Lynam, LaVon Stricker, Bobby Pederson, Verla Lou Smith, Duane Wilson, Donald Oleson and Robert Frary, all of them high school students. They are conscientious about practicing and they are doing a fine job.
C.E. Williamson lost the index finger on his left hand Tuesday afternoon while working at the Stockwell machine shop. The finger was severed at the second joint by a milling machine. Mr. Williamson was operating. He was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital where it was found necessary to remove the remainder of the finger at the joint.
70 years ago
Nov. 12, 1953

Miss Mary Jeanne Ducey, daughter of Mrs. Marie Ducey, is a member of the famous 100-piece marching band at Colorado State College. Miss Ducey is treasurer of Tau Beta Sigma, women’s band honorary.
Plans for the organization of Greybull High School into youth groups which would use the Greybull youth center as an entertainment center during the weekends  was discussed by the Greybull Lion’s Club. Mrs. Morris Avery was appointed to contact the school.