90 Years Ago: Sewer gas sickens local residents

Marlys Good
Looking Back

100 years ago
Nov. 16, 1933

Chamber of Commerce: A motion was made and carried that ladies be allowed honorary membership without dues and be urged to take part in all deliberations and activities of the organization.
Since the reopening of the Burlington line between here and Casper, which was so long out of consideration due to the washouts in July and September, the road is swamped with business. Twenty-five  crews are on the board at this place, four of which are switch crews and are constantly busy.
90 years ago
Nov. 23, 1933

Several people in various parts of town Tuesday suffered ill effects from sewer gas when the big outlet at the refinery clogged and belched into the city line. Fumes were first detected at the H.M Lockard home early Tuesday morning.  Mrs. G.M Dummer was first to become nauseated while at work at the Golden Rule store. Water is being forced  through the line to  clear up the fumes.
The 18-hole medal play handicap competition at the Greybull Golf Club last Sunday resulted in a victory for Mrs. O.A. Karhu with L.C. Merriott in second place. As stated in the Standard last week, this was the last scheduled activity at the Greybull Golf Club this season.
The State Highway patrol stopped 300 cars coming into and leaving Basin Saturday night and found that 64 of them had faulty lights. Basin garagemen were busy Sunday ordering new light bulbs because of Saturday night’s business.
80 years ago
Nov. 18, 1943

According to proposed post-war air route plans, Greybull is slated for one of the stops on a  pending airline running from Cheyenne, Wyo., to Billings, Mont.
A pleasing two-hour vaudeville show was presented here Saturday evening by the galaxy of entertainers with the WACaravan group to a packed  house at the high school auditorium. The program included an ensemble of music, song, and dance presented by a group of young radio and night club artists from various parts of the nation.
70 years ago
Nov. 19, 1953

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Clifton announced this week that they have purchased the Five Sisters Lodge located five miles north of Shell on Highway 14 from Mrs. Blanche Wilkerson and will be open for business Wednesday, Nov. 25.
Senior Girl Scout Troop 77 plans to conduct a pre-school story and play hour each Saturday morning from 10:00 to 11:15 for children in Greybull who are 3, 4 and 5 years old, it was reported following their meeting Monday afternoon. The story hour will be held in the rumpus room of the C.W. Core home.
60 years ago
Dec. 21, 1963

Bill Longoria, a hard-running, hard-tackling freshman, was named the outstanding underclassman at the Greybull High School football banquet Tuesday evening.  Greybull coaches selected Longoria for the annual Pacemaker award sponsored by the Greybull Standard.
Two Greybull football players have been named to the all-state football team. They are Jeff Probst, 207-pounder, who was also named to the team last year as a junior, and Rich Douglass who gained 1,168 yards rushing and led the Buffs offensive attack.
50 years ago
Nov. 16, 1973

Jolene Whaley, Cynthia Whaley, Paul Wright and Jack Wright will be operators of the ski rental shop at Antelope Butte this year with a complete line of all-new rental equipment.
A $2,500 donation from Bert Harris was given to the town for landscaping at the library as a memorial to his late wife, Mrs. Mary Harris. The town council accepted the money at its last council meeting. The money will go toward putting grass, tables and trees around the east side of the museum building.