Asking for trouble when boys allowed to play girls sports

Marlys Good
At Random

For the three weeks I was out of commission, I was out of commission on current events. The aides at Sheridan were unable to solve my problem. The only station I was able to get, on my own, was Rapid City.  Finally did get to watch one football game and game one of the World Series, but no current events at all.
I didn’t know who was elected Speaker of the House until Oct. 27. Not that that affected anyone but me, but I am used to watching morning news and evening news.  Was happy to get home to my ONE remote (techs had to get a separate remote to get me any other station) and plain old numbers to watch whatever I wanted.
But now that I am back, am glad that there has been a shift in some views. Gone is the emphasis on correct pronouns, at least in the mainstream.
Was a bit shocked when they had a report of the high school in Massachusetts which, because of a state policy, had to let an 18-year-old senior boy play on the girls field hockey team — because the school did not have a boys’ team.  But, as you could probably guess, last week the 18-year-old male gave the puck (is that what they call it in field hockey?) a gigantic smash and hit a girl in the face. She was hospitalized, sans teeth and with facial damage. The principal was very upset and said the state has to look at the ruling, as this incident showed just how dangerous it is to have a male on a girls team.  We’ll see if any steps are taken.
And in the name of equity, why is it a law that a school must provide identical programs for both sexes?  If there aren’t enough boys interested in playing field hockey, so be it. Let it go.
With this in mind, can a choir have a girls’ octet? Does absolutely everything we compete in, or do socially, have to be the very same for both male and female?
Had a wonderful “catch-up” chat with Sherry Winkler last week. A special visit, as she was the younger sister of my life-long (it seems) special friend Joanne Asp Middleton. Hadn’t had a real conversation with her since I quit driving.  Caught up on her family. She is much too young to have a dozen more great-grandchildren than I do!  A fun time and we will be having lots more — now that she has been “reintroduced” to the way out to my house.   
Good to see the bare earth again — but the piles of leaves will have to go. With all the Canada geese we see over the spring and fall months, I must have missed their trip south, or north, for the winter. Always loved watching them swirl around and forming that perfect “v” before heading out for their trip to warmer climes.  Have often wondered just how that large flock chooses the “head goose” that leads the way. Seniority, maybe?
Don’t forget you have two more nights to catch the annual community fall musical. It opens tonight (Thursday) but curtains go up both Friday and Saturday nights, also.
Should be a hit. The community is filled with talent. Ted Menke was the director of the popular musicals for years, and Em Wilson has stepped into his shoes and brought a little change of pace  to the shows. The community is lucky to have volunteers like Ted and Em, and all the unsung helpers behind the scenes that have furnished us great musical entertainment for decades.
And thanks to Michael Yenny, GHS grad and talented musician, who returned to Greybull just in time to give the annual production a helping hand and provided his expertise to a wonderful annual event.