Best friends never miss a Super Bowl

Marlys Good
At Random

You’re never too old to learn something new. And with all the weather reporting over the past two weeks, I learned about “atmospheric rivers.” The word was used repeatedly during the record rainfall in California. It was disastrous. The death and destruction left in the atmospheric river’s wake is almost unimaginable.
With almost 24-hour constant coverage, reporters were at a loss for words to describe what was happening. Or at a loss for words that weren’t repeated constantly.
One reporter kept mixing up “landslides” and “mudslides.” I figured with the deluge falling, a landslide might have started down the mountain, but by the time it went 50 feet, it was a mudslide. So either word was used correctly.
Just wondering if a homeowner was smarter to build on top of a mountain and worry about the atmospheric river washing his home down, or build on the bottom of the mountain and have his house washed off its foundation by the massive mudslides.
Guess I’d rather live right here in Wyoming. We get water washing down out of the hills, but in my lifetime, and I have lived on the Greybull River almost my entire life, we have never been plagued by mudslides or atmospheric rivers.
Returning from Sundance last Saturday, we hit a “pea soup” fog. Could see nothing more than 10 feet in front of you. On a good note, we ran out of it about 10 or so miles out of Sundance. A few snowdrops, a little rain, some slick spots on the Big Horns, but nothing major.
Did you see the report on the three friends who have attended every Super Bowl since its inception? Tickets to their first big game cost $8. Yup, just $8. They were in the stands Sunday; wonder where their seats were located?
It’s quite a tradition they started, and what a great story (or stories) they have to tell. Sounded like they don’t always cheer for the same team. But they are still best friends.