Conference coaches honor McColloch, Schlattmann as player, coach of year

Marlys Good

Two athletes, Kelsie McColloch and Aleksey McColloch, were honored by selection to the elite 2A all-state team. Senior Kelsie was a repeat all-state honoree, having made the squad last year also.
Five members of the Greybull team made the all-conference team: Chaise Benasky, Kennedy Craft, Caroline Boyer and Kelsie and Aleksey McColloch.  Additionally, Kelsie was named the conference player of the year and Sara Schlattmann was honored by her fellow coaches as the conference coach of the year.
“We were very fortunate to have five members of our team on the all-conference team,” said Schlattmann. “They were all very deserving of the award, but it goes without saying that you don’t get there unless you have a whole team of players pushing you each week at practice to perform and compete for positions.”
Kelsie was described as a “steady force all season and was the ‘speaking’ captain. As the outside hitter she was our outlet for those out-of-system moments and I saw her really learn  how to control her shot this season and because of that,  became a threat nearly every touch. I have appreciated Kelsie’s dedication throughout the years. She loves this sport and I hope that she gets the opportunity to play at the next level.”
Schlattmann said this was a great year for Craft, who has worked hard to improve her attack, “and I really felt like she made huge strides. She is also our toughest server, leading the team in aces. Kennedy is an all-around player and has slowly gained confidence in herself and had an exceptional season.” Schlattmann said as an outside hitter, she had to learn to handle a variety of attacks. Kennedy learned quickly and did her job. 
Schlattmann said there aren’t enough good words to say about Chaise Benasky and her value to the squad.  “She works so hard every day, every play. Chaise stepped in as a setter last season and demonstrated that determination and hard work pays off. She is an exceptional athlete and competitor, which has made it so fun to watch her become an outstanding setter for our team. Most importantly, she is a great teammate.”
This is the second year that Caroline Boyer has been honored as an all-conference player and is very deserving of the honors.  As the team’s Libero, she was an integral part of the passing and defense. Her coach said Caroline “quietly led her team in the back court and was the first  to be disappointed if she didn’t make a perfect pass. She led the team in digs and serve receive passing. It is hard to find players who love the grind of passing and digging but she has been a bright light for this program, stepping out of her comfort zone and playing with quiet intensity, Schlattmann said.
Aleksey McColloch is a repeat all-conference selection. This year she led the Buffs in blocks and attacks. According to her coach, Aleksey made a lot of improvement in her jump. She made huge strides in her attack, gaining confidence and control over it as the season progressed. Aleksey was a force at the net and I am really looking forward to her senior season being her best yet. Obviously, her role will become much harder.”
Honorable mention all-conference honors went to Perla Rodriquez. “All I can say here is, watch out, because Perla is going to make a huge impact for the next three years for us. I am very excited for her. She played so hard each match and to have a freshman come in and just be a steady force, you can’t ask for anything more.” 
As for being named the conference coach of the year, Schlattmann said simply, “It is a direct reflection on the hard work, dedication and talent of the team we had. And I am forever grateful to my two assistant coaches, who do so much of the work behind the scenes and keep us all on tack.”
Schlattmann said it was a great season, but she would have given everything to have her team make a good showing at the state matches. The girls deserved it, had worked hard, and it is always the ultimate goal of a team.