Family, friends made 90th birthday special

Marlys Good
At Random

I have very seldom been surprised on my birthday, Christmas and Mother’s Day as far as what is going to happen, what I’m going to get as presents and how I am going to spend the day. However, on the occasion of my 90th birthday, I was absolutely clueless.
Son #4 asked way back in August if I wanted a “big bash,” to which my reply was, “Absolutely not. You can forget it entirely, or we can have a quiet dinner at Lisa’s.” My sister had called about then and told me she wanted to come spend a week with me over my birthday. (I found out later that was part of the plan, but as I said, I was clueless.)  I thought the matter was settled.
Then I fell victim to my swivel rocker and spent two-and-a-half weeks in Billings and Sheridan, so was completely out of the loop.
Luckily when I got out of rehab, Lucille was already at my house, so I could come right back home and settle in.
When Oct. 31 arrived, Jett and Hagen walked in — a surprise in itself — but I suspected that while they came to eat at Lisa’s with us, a medium-rare sirloin was what was really on their minds. We got in Joni’s car, and my only thought was, “Oh, she came too. She must be at Lisa’s with Scott.”  As we drove by the compound, Hagen started to slow down. Without a glance to the left, I said, “No, we are to meet them at Lisa’s.” Only then I did glance left and see a yard filled with cars and people standing in front of the compound. I had been had, but what a joyful, wonderful, absolutely marvelous evening.
I won’t mention any names, maybe a couple, but there were so many friends, relatives, friends of my kids, even friends of my grandkids, friends I have made through my many years at the paper, friends that were as young as a toddler, whose birth announcement I wrote up over a year ago making great friends with Brim, to a Class of ‘52 classmate I hadn’t seen in probably 30 years - Roberta Snyder Heaton.  I had no idea she was even in the country. But her daughter, Donna Snyder Harrington, had helped move her from Arkansas to Worland to live close by to her. They saw the invitation in the paper, and she brought Roberta.
There were so many hugs, memories shared, good wishes, smiles, laughs, tears.
And the performance by a couple of noted entertainers who have become good friends: Dale Poune and Lacy J., singing selections that were John’s favorites. A special thanks, however, to Lori, who has a special gift for decorating and putting things together. The “great room” was beautifully done in Halloween style.
I have forgiven Son #4 for disregarding my instructions. I love eating at Lisa’s, but on Oct. 31, the compound was the place to be.
And I see the Lovell, Greybull and Basin newspapers did get out on time, despite the fact that the owners and publishers and editor-in-chief Nathan all stopped in briefly to pay their regards.
Thank you, one and all. It was a special, special evening and I love you all.
Now, onto volleyball. A big congratulations to Buff volleyball coach Sara Schlattmann for being named the conference coach of the year, to Kelsie McColloch for being named the conference player of the year, and to Aleksey McColloch, Kennedy Craft, Caroline Boyer and Chaise Benasky for being honored by selection to the all-conference team.  A great year they had — a conference championship and a regional championship.  The seniors will be greatly missed.  The team could not have done it without them.
And, one last word. There truly is no place like home. I was treated well at Billings and Sheridan, life was made easy for me, but I am sleeping in my own bed, getting along (with a gimp) but getting along better every day. Life is GOOD.