Flitner sisters to be featured on ‘Ranch Her’

Nathan Oster

Morgan and Scotty Flitner, the ranching daughters of Greg and Pam Flitner of Shell, will be featured in an upcoming episode of “Ranch Her.” Now in its second season on RFD-TV, the series profiles the extraordinary women of the ranching industry, highlighting their grit, grace, and glory.
Morgan and Scotty’s episode debuts Tuesday, May 7 at 7 p.m. and repeats on Friday, May 10 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, May 11 at 10 a.m.  Two weeks later, on May 21, the show will spotlight Lindsey Anson of the Pitchfork Ranch near Meeteetse.
Jamie Johnson, the show’s host, and a film crew visited the Flitner Ranch in October.
“First time I’ve ever had a TV camera in my face,” laughed Scotty. “Could have done without it, but I think it went OK.”
The Flitners are a family operation through and through. While Greg and Pam oversee the operation, all four of their kids, including Colten and Jordan, assist in the raising of cattle and horses and the growing of corn, alfalfa and grass hay.  For those who may be wondering, Jordan was not featured with her sisters because she now resides in Fort Washakie.
According to Morgan, the filming occurred over three days last October, around the time they were weaning colts.  
On her Instagram page, the “Ranch Her” host posted a picture of herself with Morgan and Scotty and wrote of the experience, “It felt just like a western movie moving mares and colts across the creek and running horses full speed in the most beautiful country.”
Interviews were conducted in the barn, Morgan said, adding, “The neatest part is that they videoed my daughter, who was 2 1/2 at the time.”
Family will be a theme of the episode, which only seems right since both young ladies left for a time, but returned.  Morgan attended college, earning a degree in ag communications and farm and ranch management.
“It’s something that was almost born and bred into me,” she said. “My daughter will be sixth generation.
“Once you’ve ranched, then you leave the ranch to do other things, you find it’s not near as meaningful.  You don’t love things the way you love things that involve your family.”
Scotty left the ranch, too.  Intent on pursuing art, she attended Sheridan College for a semester, but found it wasn’t for her.  She moved to Idaho where she went to equine dentistry school.  Eighteen months later, she returned to her family ranch.
“I was over all the running around and being an Idaho cowboy,” said Scotty. “I missed my family.  The sense of community wasn’t there, like it is around here, and to be honest, I was ready to ride nice horses again.”
Scotty said she and her boyfriend are primarily responsible for the horse program, the foundation of which was laid by her mother.  “Actually, my boyfriend is the main guy; therefore, I am with him,” she said. “We start colts and sell them.  I stay away from anything that has to do with irrigation pipe.  That’s not my thing. That’s more Jordan’s thing.  She’s the best irrigator you’ve ever seen.”
She described Morgan as “the organizer, a cleaner-up-of-messes type of gal,” said her dad “runs the whole thing behind the scenes, handles the finances and tells us what needs to be done,” while her mom makes sure everything is lined out for the day’s tasks.
“Everyone has a role,” she said of the family operation.
Scotty admitted to being nervous, saying that when the episode airs, she’ll probably lock herself in her room and watch it by herself. “I’ve been embarrassed more than once; this can’t be that bad,” she said with a laugh. “I’ve seen some clips that are pretty good. I just hope my mouth isn’t too much.  Sometimes it gets me in trouble.”
Scotty has even more on her mind these days than the TV show.   She sold a horse to purchase what was once Mackey Custom Hats, is learning the hat-making trade in Billings and in a month or two intends to open Dirty Scotty’s Hats of Ill Repute in downtown Greybull.