GBAC wrestlers battle at Thermopolis tourney

Several members of the Greybull-Basin Athletic Club placed at the Wrestleopolis tournament held Saturday in Thermopolis.
The team is scheduled to wrestle in Lovell this week before returning home to host its annual tournament on Saturday, March 23.

6 AND UNDER — Kade Good placed third at 33-40, Orrin Wilkinson placed third at 45-49, Cash Hartman placed second at 53-56, Owen Frazier placed first at 53-56.
8 AND UNDER GIRLS — Lizzie Baril placed fourth at 62.
8 AND UNDER — Hunter Frazier placed fourth at 49, Ty Dewey placed sixth at 53, Sawyer Hetzel placed third at 56.
10 AND UNDER GIRLS — Brinley Dewey placed fifth at 57-62.
10 AND UNDER — Evan Winkler placed sixth at 53, Hunter Baril placed sixth at 71, Ashtun Winkler did not place at 71, Zane Wilkinson placed fourth at 93-105.
12 AND UNDER GIRLS — Della Craft placed second at 81-87, Ryan Whisenant placed third at 81-87.
12 AND UNDER — Quaide Houchin placed first at 92.
14 AND UNDER — Marshall Brown placed fourth at 71, Mason Richardson placed second at 165-167.

6 AND UNDER GIRLS — Kashtyn Patterson placed second at 33-36, Mayson Reber placed second at 55.
6 AND UNDER — Kashtyn Patterson placed fourth at 33-36A, Kade Good placed third at 40A, Jax Downing placed third at 45A, Orrin Wilkinson placed second at 49B, Owen Frazier placed second at 53, Cash Hartman placed second at 56-62, Mayson Reber placed third at 56-62, Watson Moore placed second at 85+.
8 AND UNDER GIRLS — Jordyn Stamstad placed sixth at 50-55, Lizzie Baril did not place at 62.
8 AND UNDER — Harris Alexander did not place at  46, Hunter Frazier placed third at 49A, Ty Dewey did not place at 53A, Willett Brown did not place at 53B, Hawk Wipplinger did not place at 56A, Sawyer Hetzel placed first at 56B, Carter Craft did not place at 62B, Trystan Hagstrom did not place at 70, Wraith Stephens did not place at 85.
10 AND UNDER GIRLS — Trinity Link placed first at 49-53, Rowyn Baker placed fourth at 62, Brinley Dewey placed fifth at 62, Kaislee Nyberg placed first at 90, Daisha Moore placed second at 100.
10 AND UNDER — Evan Winkler did not place at 49-53, Trinity Link did not place at 49-53, Hunter Baril did not place at 71B, Ashtun Winkler placed third at 71B, Jesse Reber did not place at 77, Zane Wilkinson placed sixth at 93, Leo Cheng did not place at 93, Kaislee Nyberg placed fifth at 93.
12 AND UNDER GIRLS — Ryan Whisenant placed second at 81, Delta Craft placed first at 87, Maythe Garay placed first at 126.
12 AND UNDER — Trenton Lowe placed sixth at 67, Kaysen Nyberg placed third at 70, Dietrich Otto did not place at 78, William Gutierrez  did not place at 82, Quaide Houchin placed second at 92, Maythe Garay placed third at 117, Daniel Stamstad placed fifth at 160.
14 AND UNDER — Marshall Brown placed third at 71, Braxten Link placed sixth at 83, Mason Richardson placed second at 165-167.