G&F report suggests gray wolf population management goals being met

Wyoming’s gray wolf population continues to achieve all management goals, according to the 2023 Wyoming Gray Wolf Monitoring and Management annual report by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and partnering agencies.
The report can be found at https://wgfd.wyo.gov/media/30067/download?inline.
Wyoming is maintaining wolf numbers at healthy levels, and 2023 marked the 22nd consecutive year wolf numbers in Wyoming have exceeded the criteria outlined for recovery of the species. The newly-published document details an increase in the gray wolf population and a noted decrease in livestock depredation — with the lowest number of verified livestock conflicts since 2010. 
“The department’s robust monitoring program and data set provides insight into population dynamics and tells the story of wolf conservation and management,” said Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik. “Wyoming has a proven track record of successfully managing our gray wolf population, and we will continue that approach into the future.”
The Wyoming Gray Wolf Management Plan, also available on the Wyoming Game & Fish websit, outlines established population objectives for wolves.
As of Dec. 31, 2023, at least 192 wolves and 17 breeding pairs reside within the wolf trophy game management area. When combined with other jurisdictions within Wyoming, the state has at least 352 wolves and 43 packs, with at least 24 breeding pairs. The documented increase in wolves is attributed to increased recruitment of young wolves entering the population and lower mortality than noted in previous monitoring years.
“Game and Fish is committed to continuing its wolf monitoring efforts and data collection to evaluate wolf population status and recommend appropriate wolf management actions,” Nesvik said.