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Dr. Ralph Louis demonstrates on his hand a breathing technique while Carol Bell holds the microphone during Saturday's Mental Health Awareness and Fitness Fair at the Shell Community Hall. A question from the crowd asked, “Sometimes when my tolerance is tested, there is a tipping point and I lash-out from the agitation of the darkness in my own head. What is a tool or exercise that could help manage the frustration/disappointment in the moment?” Louis suggested taking a deep breath while tracing your finger
03/16/2023 - 2:56pm
Saturday’s Mental Health and Fitness Fair raised awareness for the importance of mental health and focused on the value of being a “Pick-Up Man” for others. Over 100 people attended the event at the Shell Community Hall.  It was hosted through a...

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03/30/2023 - 3:37pm
If the first couple weeks of practice are any indication of what's to come, the words "weather permitting" might be the most often used as area track and field athletes, coaches and fans navigate the traditional slate of meets leading up to regional...