Letter to the Editor: Climate survey reveals areas of concern at GHS

Dear editor:

The most notable declines at Greybull High School are an area of concern. This is the time when the students are the most fragile. They are struggling with harder curriculum, social diversity, trying to prepare themselves to leave the security of family and community and the pressures of juggling work with the fear of wanting something for so long. The end is around the corner. Are they ready for it?  

The largest decline, 83% to 36%, is when the school seeks input from parents before making important decisions. Interesting. The prior survey, “When there is a conflict, I feel respected and heard by the administration of this school”:  GES 86%, GMS 83%, GHS 64%!

Teacher survey asks, “If rules for student behavior are enforced in a consistent manner”: GES 75%, GMS 45% and GHS 44%; and if students know how they are expected to act in school: GES 100%, GMS 100% and GHS 68%. 

I believe this all supports the theory that parents are doing a great job as kids enter and progress through the school. It reinforces that when they transition to high school, they are met with all the challenges of more responsibility and actions, that they watch how others are treated in relationship to punishment and standing up for themselves. They are the ones who have minimal support structures that the school lists as at risk, which is 46% of the whole school, which makes a higher chance for school violence! 

Let’s get real. They turn 18 and/or graduate, they don’t get lunch detention for their actions.  Support your kids. Listen to them. Listen to the teachers. They might interact with the kids more than your time allows.


Jason Cook