Letter to the Editor: Three Rivers erred in closing Bonnie Bluejacket

Dear editor:
As the one-year anniversary of the closing of Bonnie Bluejacket Memorial Nursing Home has just gone by, I feel it is important to share what we, as members of the Greybull and Basin communities, have lost.
In my opinion, when Three Rivers Health decided to close this place of care and comfort, they lost a valued group of our community members. The folks who lived at Bonnie Bluejacket were wonderful folks who had been a very active part of the community for a great many years. These folks were business owners, community leaders, valued sources of knowledge, local historians as well as great folks to know.
Behind the 21 folks were many supporters, family members, friends and let us not forget the local staff members that loved and cared for the household.  Yes, a household of family members, staff and residents at Bonnie Bluejacket.  Each person out at this home was affected by the closing and kicking the members of the Bonnie Bluejacket household out.
Broken hearted and confused, these folks were sent to distant “homes” that did not suit their needs of small home care.  Many of these wonderful folks have passed away as of this anniversary.  I feel if Bonnie Bluejacket had not closed and the caring staff had been able to continue their support and care of these folks, many of them would still be with us today.
In my opinion, Three Rivers Health lost a huge opportunity to grow relationships with the Greybull and Basin communities by telling the families and friends of the household of Bonnie Bluejacket that making money and adding to their clinics was far more important than finding a way to support the aging population that is growing in our communities. I am still disappointed, mad and sad because of the actions of Three Rivers Health.
Where will your mom, dad or family member go if they have a stroke or become unable to stay in their own home?
I was raised in Greybull to respect and care for my elders.

Kathy McHugh