Little Miss Wyoming crown goes to Stamstad

Grainger Russell

After three days of competition and parties, Jordyn Stamstad found herself being crowned Little Miss Wyoming 2024-25 Saturday in Sheridan, where she competed in a pageant with other girls from around the state.

 “[Jordyn] has been competing in pageants for three years,” said her mother Lola Stamstad. “She was the Mini Elegant Miss of 2023-2024 and she helped with the Lilac Days and crowning of the princess.”

In Sheridan, Jordyn “had to compete in casual wear, party dress, interview and personality, as well as answer on-stage questions.”

Reflecting on Jordyn’s first experience in the pageant world, Lola said, “I saw an ad on Facebook and I asked Jordyn if she would want to do a pageant and she said yes! So, we went into this completely blind, not fully understanding the process. 

“Unfortunately, [Jordyn] didn’t win, but she was first runner-up. Last year was again another disappointment, but after reading the judges’ comments, we worked on posture and walking.”

As Little Miss Wyoming 2024-25, Jordyn, who is 7, will make public appearances around the state and perform as much community service as she can.  She said her favorite thing about competing in pageants is meeting new people and hanging out with her friends.

Little Miss Wyoming finalists also receive a $100 scholarship to do with as they please. Jordyn said she plans to save the money for later use.