Mixed bag of news from the past week

Marlys Good
At Random

A happy birthday to my friend Mary Lee, who “got old” with me on May 4. Now we are again equals. Hope you had a wonderful day, my friend.
The past week was a hodge-podge of events, both in “real life” and on the world front.
I took a trip over the mountain for a fun lunch with Joni, Sharon Meredith and Sheila Meredith Kampbell. Fun catching up, and always a lot of laughs just trading thoughts, memories, etc. We left Sheila’s to attend a track meet in Big Horn, slated to start at 5:15. It rained, it snowed, and snowed some more. The meet was set back to start at 5:30, then again at 5:45. In the end, they cancelled all field events and the entire meet involved just three relays — well, six because they ran both girls and boys. Kind of a wasted 90 minutes.
Thursday there was a doctor’s appointment in Bozeman. The good news is in two weeks, I will have another laser treatment on my “seeing eye,” which is very good news as I didn’t think I could have a second one. But not only can I have a second one; I can have a third one if necessary.
Then for all the news that is the news. What a quagmire. They are right, the animals are in charge of the zoo. Among rioting — sorry, they weren’t all peaceful students demands — was what kind of food the protesters wanted delivered. Vegan, gluten-free and no bananas...and when teenagers and very young adult students start demanding a say in college financials, that’s a step too far.
Then to demand no reprisals, no finals, as they were too tired and traumatized by the mental anguish they had been going through.
The demand for amnesty for actions during the “not so peaceful” demonstrations was what bothered me the most.
I wondered what the parents of the demonstrating students thought of their children? And I wonder why there was a large percentage of adults in those tents on campus grounds.
A little scary to think that those clueless students could be among our government leaders down the road in 10 or 20 years--and before that, what a rude awakening those protesters have coming when they graduate and enter the real world of adulthood.
Don’t expect to order someone to bring you vegan or gluten-free food.
It was a week that showed me, once again, what a blessing it is to live in small-town Wyoming. Can’t remember the last time we had a demonstration with our high school students taking down the American flag or defacing the buffalo at the library.
Good luck to all the GHS track athletes at regionals this weekend. Do your best, give it your all and you’ll be a winner, whether you are standing on the pedestal or not.