No place like home

Marlys Good
At Random

There’s no place like home and I am glad to be back. Lucille was here to greet me. She had planned to spend a week in October, long before I wrestled with the swivel rocker, so it was a happy circumstance that she is here to help me over the many humps. I am not yet doing cartwheels, but since I haven’t done one of those since I was about 8 years old, I’ll forego trying to do them eight decades later.
My biggest complaint of my treatment in the rehab center in Sheridan is I was unable to navigate the TV system — and many of the aides had the same problem. I lived without it, but the days do kind of drag. Did nag enough until four or five aides took their turns and finally got me to the ONE station that carried that first game. I watched diligently until it was 5-3 Arizona; sleep overtook me and learned at breakfast the next morning they had lost!
Sunday afternoon Lucille’s cousin came by to visit. And, as fate would have it, she is a physical therapist. After a couple of hours chatting, laughing and the cousins changing family info, we offered her half a cup of coffee, after which she said, “She could help me figure out the exercises I should be doing.”  A professional, and it was all free — at least. I hope the half a cup of coffee covered the cost.
And congratulations to the Lady Buffs on being West Regional champs! The last time they did it was 2018. And to beat Rocky Mountain made it a double victory.  Will have to check the brackets for state competition this weekend in Casper.  Know Coach Sara will have them ready for whatever comes their way.
And winter did come — two months too early for me, but it came anyway. The rehab facility had wall to wall windows in the dining room so it was a beautiful sight as it fell. I’ll admit that. Jett came to visit me and he was smiling ear to ear, as were probably those crazy people who would like nothing better than 12 months of the white stuff.
And yes, it is wonderful to be right here in my warm, familiar house - and to find out FINALLY who the speaker of the House is.  I did not get regular news since that fateful Friday the 13th. The only news available was from Rapid City.
And I bet all our neighbors who are snowbirds are busily packing their bags, thinking they maybe should have left a couple of days earlier.