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Marlys Good
At Random

 Just looked at the calendar, and it really is Dec. 4.  Advent is upon us. Spent three days last week in Tongue River, combining doctor’s appointment in Livingston, with some fun in TR and Sheridan.
Joni and I, Sharon Meredith and Sheila Kampbell spent a fun day Thursday, revisiting the Amish store south of Buffalo. As we stepped out of the car we caught our first sniff of Christmas - fresh bread just coming from the oven. Does anything smell better, or say it’s holiday time more than that? We just stood there a while and breathed in the odors of the holidays.
They do have the most  unique gift ideas - from pot holders to “hot handle ‘snuggies.
The beauty and workmanship of their furniture always fascinates me.  I certainly don’t need any more furniture, but if I did, I would have strapped one of the rockers on top of Joni’s car and brought it home.
If you get the opportunity, take a drive over the mountain and check it out.
We thought we would spend maybe an hour at the unique store, but it turned into more like two or three, then we had a delightful lunch in Buffalo, stopped at Sheila’s to let her and Sharon unload the ‘bakery’ and homemade ornaments, etc. they had purchased, then just caught up on all the news.
Friday Joni and I headed to Livingston - 50 miles closer than Bozeman, and we will be alternating our visits between Livingston and Bozeman from now on. Joni dropped me off in Greybull. 
Despite all my objections, she brought my artificial tree up from the basement - put it on my side counter - and if I look hard, I might notice it is still there today.  Looks pretty good. I might just leave it there, spread the ‘snow’ under it, add a few more ornaments (last year son #4 took it downstairs before I had finished removing the decorations).  I need to have “Alexa” back online so I can listen to Christmas Carols before I can top it off with the star, plus a few more ornaments and a lot more icicles.  But I have three weeks.
And as I type this, I have Chex Mix in the oven. Smells like Christmas, too.  Why is it I don’t make it any other time but Christmas? Probably the same reason I never baked pumpkin pie except at Thanksgiving.  It’s hard to break old habits.
Glad to get some of the traditional holiday trappings done. Basketball starts this weekend, so that means more time spent in the gym than in my kitchen.
We’ll be in Burns/Pine Bluffs watching the Eagles. Greybull fans will be in Wright and Glenrock.  Just pray for good weather.  And may all four (or eight counting JV) teams be successful.
I told Boo at least she didn’t have to worry about getting lost on the court - much simpler than running X-Country!
So, with Advent underway, enjoy the next three weeks. Remember that Christmas always comes, whether we are ready or not.
Remember, the Grinch found out that “Christmas was a little bit more....”