Please, no more ‘climate change’

Marlys Good
At Random

How far would I go to save the planet? There are limits, and I deem taking only cold baths and eating bugs or “lab-made” meat as far beyond “what I should do for my country, or for my planet.”
Now, I agree we can be more thoughtful of our excesses in almost everything. We waste a lot, throw away too much.
But don’t touch my thermostat, in the summer or the winter. I refuse to sit around and watch TV in a sweatshirt, covered with a blanket--although a blanket does feel good, even in my toasty warm living room.
Don’t make me buy a washer that limits you to a gallon of water per load; don’t put a limit on just where I can set my thermostat; and while I have always had an electric stove, don’t tell me I can’t buy a gas stove if I so desire.
I have air-conditioning, but anyone who knows me knows that my thermostat will remain at 74, spring, summer, fall or winter. Don’t touch it. When it gets over 74 in the house, the AC kicks on; that’s good enough for me.
Don’t suggest I give up beef or chicken. (Don’t worry, I don’t eat lamb. I remember Mary had one and so did Little Bo Peep.)
Don’t try to introduce me to eating crickets, worms, beetles or even snake. Not deep-fried, chocolate-covered, or baked in a casserole.
I don’t plan on buying an electric car. Since I can’t drive anymore anyway, I’ll just leave my Sonata sitting in the garage. I don’t need an EV sitting beside it. Besides, I don’t know who thinks an EV would be sensible or convenient in a Wyoming winter or over the long distances between towns. I can’t see them putting charging stations in Shell, or Burlington, or even in Greybull. And they’d have a hard time finding a place to install them driving from Casper to say Laramie via Medicine Bow. Good luck to that.
But no hot baths was the ultimate. After a long day, relaxing in a cold bath doesn’t sound all that inviting. The bubble bath would be a thing of the past.
Instead of spending time on climate change, why don’t all the experts out there find something to do with all the tires, old cars and trailer houses that line the highways. Use the millions of dollars spent on solar panels to find a recyclable use for the “junk” in all the junkyards.
Work on saving the planet, but we need to keep our planet a place where you WANT to live. Not a cold, bug-eating planet filled with people in dirty clothes and smelling because they refuse to bathe in cold water.