Quality time spent at Buff Gym

Marlys Good
At Random

I rarely watch women’s college basketball games. I made an exception a couple of Sundays ago, mainly because I was waiting for one of the pro football playoff games. Turned the TV on early so I would be ‘”tuned in” at the right time. Iowa was playing Ohio State (I think that was the opponent). And since I had heard of Caitlin Clark, an Iowa standout, I decided to see what it was all about.
Now Iowa hadn’t lost a game all season, and Clark had been scoring  — and scoring — and scoring. Some of her 3-pointers were almost launched from just over mid-court. It went into overtime, and Ohio State won.  A terrific game.  I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV set. But it emphasized again the importance of a complete team effort. One player doesn’t do it all.
And Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson is probably the only quarterback who completed a 13-yard pass - to himself. His name will go down in the record books. Don’t think that is a play that could be practiced. 
Thank goodness, after the Super Bowl we still have March Madness to watch.
And I had almost forgotten the fun of watching a basketball game in Buff Gym. Talked to Jack and Cassie Wright, hadn’t seen them — Jack at least — in a long time. Caught up on their sons, and grandchildren. Cassie said their 15-year-old granddaughter Grace (Jake’s daughter) is skiing with the Cody ski team (Buffalo doesn’t have a team) so they are lucky to see her more often than usual. They are loving it.
Also had a chat with Connie Kiesel, whom I hadn’t seen in quite a few years. She said Brett would have liked to come, but he was off with eldest son Jake who was involved in a hockey tournament. Yes, a hockey tournament. The sport is big back east. Wonder if Brett ever dreamed he would be following hockey? Bet he’s loving it.
Also saw Cozette Partridge. We laughed about the article I wrote years ago when they lived in Greybull about “the bear in a Partridge tree.” Is the bear still up in that tree?  I will have to research and see. But it was a fun story to do; and she still had the story — in a frame. I think she had a fun time sharing it with me way back then and remembering it Saturday night.
And the Lady Buffs beat Shoshoni Friday night, in Shoshoni. That will make writing the  story this week a lot more fun. Positive this week and it was a conference game to boot.
It was a wonderful weekend. Watching grandkids play basketball, seeing friends I hadn’t talked to in months, and just getting out and about. Nothing beats it.
Got to thinking of small-town sports, of parents and grandparents who have multiple athletes to watch and conflicting schedules.A couple who has more options than most are Guy and Becky Henderson. Caught up with Becky and asked her what her options are or were, starting with football, and volleyball, and now with middle and high school basketball in full swing. Their problem is doubled, because they have grandchildren, and great-grandchildren not only playing at both levels, but playing for the Buffs and the Riverside Rebels.