Readers back writer, say they’ll walk thin line with her

Dear editor:
We were about to read “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll when we came across Cathy Kunkel’s letter (Greybull Standard - April 25, 2024) and realized that we could save time by reading her Reader’s Digest condensed version of the wacky classic.
Ms. Kunkel somehow finds an “insinuation” that immigrants are a “problem” from the observation by Marlys Good (a lady with a few more years and a lot more wisdom than some) that chants of “Death to America” in the White House are rather troubling. The only insinuation I see from Ms. Good is that chants of “Death to America” in the White House are rather troubling. Perhaps in equating Ms. Good’s remarks about these chants with a general bashing of all immigrants, Ms. Kunkel is insinuating that all immigrants wish death to America? This is a fascinating interpretation but one we must respectfully disagree with.
But that’s just the entry to Ms. Kunkel’s rabbit hole. It gets deeper. She next ties Ms. Good’s concerns about the “death to America” crowd with the completely unrelated January 6 protest, which Ms. Kunkel characterizes (in strict conformance with MSNBC usage guidelines) as an “insurrection.” True to the style of the modern Left, Ms. Kunkel does not address the underlying reasons for the protests or the obvious fingerprints of a politicized justice system. Instead, she obsesses over the gender and racial makeup of the protesters. These, for the Left, are the sole facts that explain everything about anything. As you might imagine, the gender/race aspect of J6 is bad — as bad as it gets! Ms. Kunkel reveals that the protesters were overwhelmingly white and male. “What shall we make of that?” she gasps in a flourish of rhetorical triumph. Yes, we know quite well what you mean, Ms. Kunkel. It was “those people” once again. White. Male. That’s all we need to know, right?
Ms. Good may walk a thin line, but we’ll walk it with her and avoid the rabbit hole of “insinuations” and “implications” dug by the caring humanitarianism of Ms. Kunkel.
John L. Rogitz, San Diego
Bill Hunt, Greybull