A step too far

Marlys Good
At Random

I am all about fairness - within the bounds of reason.

But reason didn’t figure in the equation today.  While listening to the weather and the predictions of a possible hurricane hitting the Texas/Florida area, the reporter said it had been named “Alberto.”   Now, it didn’t develop into any more than a “tropical storm,” for which we are thankful. But, my argument is why, in the name of equity, do we have to have masculine names for what could have been a hurricane.

Now we are talking about a “her”-icane, not a “him”-icane, and Alberto is not a suitable name for a girl.  We females must have something we can own, that is ours — and ours alone.

They are taking “female” sports out of the picture. Most recently, Miss America is not a “Miss” but a transgender “Miss.” For heaven sakes, leave us something that is ours alone. Equity doesn’t figure into it at all.

I don’t know who has the huge, grave responsibility of naming hurricanes, but give them a girl’s/woman’s name. Leave us with a little dignity; or quit calling them hurricanes. Somehow warning people of a possible “him”-icane hitting the coast doesn’t sound nearly as dangerous as a “her”-icane. 

If we can’t be called mothers or women in the woke world, leave us something to boast about. Even if it is a devastating storm. We won’t complain or think its personal.