Thirteen-year-old twins’ debut album reflects Wyoming roots

Barbara Anne Greene

When Liam and Layne Jordan first picked up guitars a few years ago, it was just a fascination with their dad’s acoustic guitar. They were 10. The boys live in Hyattville with mom Janice and dad Brooks.
Now 13, they are playing guitars, writing songs and performing. They also planning on recording a studio EP album.
At 10, they started with just playing a few notes. This progressed into playing a few songs. They worked up the courage to perform at an open mic event in Ten Sleep.
They were so good that the organizer of Nowoodstock, Pat O’Brien, asked the twins to sing there. That offer came with a stipulation. They had to play an original song. They did, a song named “Wooga Wooga.”
Brooks, their father, said it was a song about fictional characters from their childhood. He gave them some guidance. Every song they wrote after that was 100% on their own. Write, they did. Their original music spans several genres: folk, blue grass, Americana, rock and roll.
Layne plays the rhythm guitar and does lead vocals. He is the one that most often writes the cords and lyrics. Liam plays lead guitar and sings harmonies.
They have played dozens of gigs since Nowoodstock. Their music has even been played on the major market radio in Seattle. The DJ came across their web site, gave their music a listen and reached out with a request to play it on her show.
Liam says, “I would like to become a touring musician, but I wouldn’t ever want it to consume my life.”
Layne says, “I really love music and we’ll see where it goes.”
They put together a group of original songs and are headed to a studio to record an extended play studio album that features five to six songs.
Brooks said getting the word out about the music is not about raising money. It’s about letting people know the album is truly a Made-in-Wyoming product.
As the boys are Wyoming-raised, their music was written and inspired by Wyoming and the album will be recorded in Wyoming with a Wyoming sound engineer.
The twins have a web site that not only tells their story, but also has demos of some of their songs including “The Dang TV” and “Don’t Slow Down.” For more about their story and to hear the demos, go to