Tournament tidbits and trivia

Marlys Good
At Random

It’s all over but the shouting, and Coach Burningham and the Greybull Buffs were doing a lot of that when they were presented with the consolation trophy Saturday morning at the Casper Event Center. On their way to the consolation finish, the Buffs staged a double-overtime victory over Kemmerer Friday--probably the most exciting game of the three days. The crowd at the Event Center was rocking; it was an exciting game to watch.
The Tongue River girls won the 2A championship, the first in a long while. Their opponent, Lingle, gave the Eagles all they could handle, so it was a fun game to watch.
Fans want to see close games in the championships. We watched the tag end of the 1A girls game and it was a blow-out. You can’t help but feel sorry for those players, giving everything they have, reaching deep, but so out-manned (sorry, that may be considered a wrong word to use).
Just to keep you updated, Caitlin Clark did break, and now holds, the overall college scoring record, having broken the one set by Pistol Pete Maravich 57 years ago. She broke it with a free throw, and then went on to score some 35 points in Iowa’s win over Ohio.
But there should be an asterisk after her name. Pistol Pete did it in three years, and there was no such thing as a three-point shot. That’s not taking anything away from Clark. She deserves the accolades; her game stats, which include assists and rebounds, are outstanding--certainly not a selfish, one-man show. Just saying.
I went to Casper earlier Wednesday to watch my six-year-old great-grandson play in a basketball game. You talk about fun. He had to be one of the smallest players out there, but one of the most enthusiastic. He was ecstatic because, as he said, “I blocked a shot.” He was telling the truth, but it made me laugh (not out loud). The referees were kind. Not a foul was called, not a free-throw shot, nor a score kept. It was a mass of 10 bodies running amuck on the court. Enthusiastic. Loud. Having fun. And with no score kept, my favorite player said he thought they won 20-16, or something like that. Couldn’t prove it by me.
It was a “windy city” we were in for three days. Not a breeze but a wind, full-blown. And it didn’t let up. Started raining Saturday evening, but eased up before we got to the airport, so it was clear sailing to Greybull.