Weather is fickle in Wyoming

Marlys Good
At Random

While browsing through the 1974 archived GS, I saw this on the editorial page: “Only 42 shopping days ‘til spring.” It would have been funnier if I had seen it last week when the temps were in the minus category. But then, I might find it funny next week when the forecast has the thermometer dipping down yet again. Weather is fickle in Wyoming.
Writing this on Feb. 1, I am reminded that tomorrow is Groundhog Day. Not that I really believe old “Phil” can predict the weather. But can you believe the number of people that brave the weather to watch and see if the wise gentleman comes out of hibernation? They must really be bored with winter.
Surprised that someone hasn’t been fact-checking him. But while I don’t believe in the “predictor’s” predictions, I do check to see whether the sun is out—or not—on HIS day.
But I’ll take a few spring days in the midst of winter.
It was nice to step out on the deck with just a light jacket on and put the patio furniture back where it belonged. The wind, snow and frigid temps had put the six chairs all over the deck, and with the snow and cold, they were super-glued to the deck for quite a while. Nice to see them back where they belong. Not that I am going to be doing much deck-sitting.
See the Canada Geese are still on the Greybull River. It surprised me. They usually leave in early November. They are beautiful.
Missed Son #4’s birthday. I might be on his blacklist, but I did buy his birthday gift. He just got it a month early, during Christmas. Now, if I’d had a birthday card to go with it, I’d be off the hook. Happy birthday, Rick. You were thought of—just a day late!